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  • What's the minimum quantity I can order?
    10 pcs per garment is usually the minimum. You can have assorted sizes* within the 10 pcs *Conditions Apply.
  • Can I provide my own design?
    Our graphic designers can help re-create your design from a picture as best we can, also keeping in mind copyright issues. Or Please provide us with your original logo or design files in vector formats; EPS, Ai, PDF. If you can provide us with these files you will save time and money on design costs. For more information on vector art please ask
  • What is the usual delivery time for bulk orders?
    2-4 weeks is our standard production time. 10 business day production times can also be offered for an additional fee. (Due to Covid19 this is not being offered at this time) Please discuss your needs with our sales team. NOTE TRANSIT TIMES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE DELIVERY TIME. We ship using Australia Post Standard service. so allow up to 7 business days for transit times from us to you. Production times start the day after the payment has been received, excludes public holidays. Express shipping can be offered as an optional extra fees will apply. This does not apply to cart orders as some carts are pre sales and take longer to supply We alsosuggest you please look at the Covid 19 question too.
  • Are your sizes Australian sizes?
    Yes they are, we make a fitted garment so if you normally wear a Ladies size 10 but prefer a bit of room in your gear or are taller than the average person or a different shape than the average person then buy a 12 in our sizes, the same rule applies for Men's sizes. We can also make to your size charts, pattern making fees may apply.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Cheque, Cash, Direct Deposit, Visa, Amex & Mastercard via paypal or payway (3% surcharge applies).
  • Do you provide us with a sample?
    We provide a digital example of how the item will look. Physical samples in your design can be provided for an additional fee. The fee is non-refundable as samples are custom made for you. The fee is $150
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes we deliver worldwide. We use Australia Post's standard freight service as a default service. We can use other services at your request and cost. We also reserve the right to choose another carrier without consultation with you unless you have requested and paid for a service.
  • How do I know what size to choose?
    Please refer to the size chart or we can make to your size chart (you must provide details or links to a chart) or we can loan* you samples to try on. Conditions Apply.
  • Can you use a specific color(s)?
    We can match colors but need your sample and we charge a fee for precise color matching. Please note your screen and your printer colors may vary from the actual products. We can also print to PMS codes there is a chart on line for you to review or make a selection from
  • Can you make to my size chart?
    We can make to your size chart. You must pre discuss this with our sales staff.
  • Does it cost more for large sizes?
    Yes size 4xl and above or ladies 24 and above does cost 20% extra that our standard prices.
  • Can I order mixed sizes?
    Yes you can order assorted sizes within the qty you need to order. Conditions Apply.
  • How do I obtain a quote?
    Please send us an email with the approx. qty, item(s) you need and the sport Or fill in our quote form online and we will quote same or next day
  • Is the delivery time Guaranteed?
    Unfortunately as its a manufacturing process the dates are approximate.
  • Are there any hidden fees?
    If you use our standard print service then all the fees are part of the quote if you process an order. Value add services such as embroidery, screen printing and textile vinyl all add cost per logo and location on the product. Again this is capped at $50 per logo (embroidery) and $50 per screen colour. Best to check with our sales team for precise pricing
  • Is Covid19 effecting production?
    It depends on the date you placed your order. Orders placed 1.6.20 or later are not effected. Orders prior to that date best to check with as they will be able to give you updates on the status.
  • Can I get a refund if I change my mind and cancel
    Unfortunately no. We expend a fair amount of money on design, correspondence, set up fees, sampling etc So if you change your mind and cancel all amounts advanced will be forfeited and we may have to ask you to pay the balance owed also.
  • How do I obtain a design?
    Send through an email with details of what you want, color(s), style, garment type, list the style you want retro, contemporary, funky, conservative And any other information that is important to you and we will quote you and then if you are happy with the quote and want to proceed, we will organise a design
  • Can you make my design?
    Yes we can (subject to copyright) a design fee may apply. Ask our staff for more information re this
  • I have a rough idea of what I want but not a complete design can you help me?
    Yes we can just send through as much detailed info even a hand sketch will help.
  • Can you redraw my logos?
    Yes we can some without cost, some with a charge. Ask our staff about pricing
  • Can I pay via credit card over the phone?
    Unfortunately we only accept credit card Visa, Mastercard and Amex via authorised platforms. A 3% card surcharge applies.
  • Do you send me my design to approve before I order?
    Yes we send an electronic mockup of your design.
  • Can you make me more than one design or a range to consider?
    Yes we can but charges apply. Ask our staff for more information re this
  • How much is delivery?
    Delivery is free (standard service - for orders over $50) to any location in Australia We can offer express and same day delivery for additional fees. Ask our staff for more information on how much this costs.
  • Does the garments have to have Beastwear on them?
    Yes there are set positions the logo must appear on the garments. We can add the logo in any colour but it must have some level of visibility. The logo size will depend on the level of discount or sponsorship we give you, Standard size is 5cm wide x 1cm high. For details re positions please ask our sales staff.
  • How much does a design cost?
    We provide a design without a fee if an order is placed. If we make a design for you and you don't proceed with an order then we charge $100 per garment or product design.
  • Can you make multiple designs so I can choose one?
    Yes we can but we will need a design fee. Please discuss that with our sales staff
  • How do I place an order?
    Due to the high volume of orders we receive we require a single email wherein you list: We can not read back through email trails to locate information pertaining to the order. So please provide Name and Address for invoice/delivery Quantities Items Sizes Name/Numbers to be applied (if applicable) All logos require (EPS of AI format preferred) with information on placement. PMS Colors or Colors you want to use. And any other important information relating to the order Attach sizes and names and numbers (where applicable) using the form online
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