Why Sports and Activewear is Taking Up More Closet Space

What type of clothing fills up your wardrobe?

Take a peek inside any Australian’s wardrobe and you would be likely to find a healthy selection of activewear. Considering the country’s exercise-friendly climate and surging fitness culture, it’s pretty easy to understand why.

Technological tracking advancements and group-focussed combat and functional workout classes have seen Australians getting off the couch and into shape at near epidemic rates.

Between personal trainers, 24-hour gyms, Crossfit, HiiT, F45, military-style boot camps, and group running clubs, it’s no secret Australia’s fitness industry is booming, making the market more competitive than ever before.

With the $2.5 billion a year Australian fitness sector attracting about 15,000 personal training graduates annually, the competitive nature of the industry is well established.

So, with more Australians getting out and getting active, what does that mean for the wardrobe of the everyday Aussie?

Here’s Why Activewear Collections are Stacking Up Like Never Before 

Activity Specific Gear:

Gone are the days of having one set of gym gear for every form of activity.

With moisture-wicking, sweat-proof technology, smart-phone pockets and bands, and clothing with sport-focussed materials and styles – Australians are now spoilt for choice when dipping into their activewear collection.

Those playing social netball on a Tuesday, hitting the gym on Wednesday, and set off for a group run on Thursday, would be all too familiar with the difference good quality gear can make.

Sports-inspired apparel is predicted to see the strongest growth over the forecast period, driven by the athleisure trend,” a Euromonitor International report stated. According to the business experts at Maxiron Capital, “The market has become saturated with high-quality sportswear at various price points, making for growing competition between activewear brands.”

Beastwear custom products shows the versatility of this growing market, with base styles able to be customised to suit any sporting need.


Spike in Trends: 

Between boxing and mixed martial arts studios, hot yoga, and strength gymnastics, it’s fair to say there’s an exercise group available for just about anyone, no matter their fitness level. With each discipline, however, comes specific movements and therefore clothing design requirements.

This is the logic behind our innovative Cooltek fabrics. With the ability to blend multiple fabrics we can create custom, bespoke items of clothing unique to each client. More than a unique look, cooltek fabric is:

  • Climate Regulated (CR)
  • Moisture Management Systems (MMS)
  • Breathable (BF)
  • Durable (DR)
  • UPF30+ (UV)
  • Antibacterial (AB)

Ideal for men and women, all of our innovative Cooltek items are designed to be worn anywhere your fitness goals take you.

Given Australians are becoming more active more frequently, the same applies for the rotation of activewear through the closet and washing machine, begging the need for a bigger personal supply of quality, activity-specific, long-lasting activewear. “In Australia, activewear sales were expected to grow by more than 20% between 2015-20, with a large proportion of goods sold online,” according to the BBC.

This is reinforced by the health and wellbeing experts at Kneadwork Massage who explain, “More people than ever are stocking up their wardrobes with activewear, whether they choose to wear it for working out or playing sports has come to be a whole other matter, however, with a growing trend towards ‘athleisure’ fashion.”

This doesn’t even address the impact of active wear as it becomes more mainstream in professional environments. With corporate wear used in both social settings, and in place of traditional work attire, there are more choices than ever for active wear lovers.

Industry Growth:


Figures have shown the fitness industry has grown a whopping 4.8 percent in the past five years, with a predicted worth of $2.5 billion by the end of 20195. Growing affordability and accessibility of 24-hours gyms and the rapid growth of functional fitness-based gyms and programs have attracted affluent and time-poor consumers and contributed to overall industry revenue growth.

According to the physical experts from Northern Sports Myotherapy, “Ever-growing choices available in the health, fitness and wellness industry means there are now more ways than ever for people to achieve their fitness goals. While we treat health concerns, we’re noticing more and more people turning to active leisure time across 2019.”

In 2019, active wear can no longer be considered a crossover style. Under the same umbrella, active wear and leisure wear have become a movement within the fashion industry of their own.

With the global athletic wear industry increasing by 42% over the last 7 years, it is now valued at $270 billion dollars.

Meaning activewear is not only well established today, but also here to stay.

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Author Bio:

Phil Kelly is an Australian writer and uni student living in Melbourne. As a health and wellness enthusiast, he is passionate about being fit and living a healthy life. Phil also has a love for animal welfare, regularly taking breaks from work to volunteer with the local pet rescue.