Peru Rugby League

Beastwear and Peru Rugby League have agreed to a major multi-year supply and sponsorship partnership. The partnership will see Beastwear manufacture and supply the Peruvian team with uniforms for training, playing and travel. The fans will not go without also, with a massive range of bespoke merchandise including replica jerseys planned.

Peru Rugby League have officially re-established its entity in June 2019 after extensive player recruitment. Having signed Tuki Jackson as its Coach who has over 20 years playing experience in Domestic and International Rugby League. Our goal is to promote Peru Rugby League globally and to compete as an International Rugby League Test nation in the near future.

"To join us on our journey, we selected Beastwear as our apparel and merchandise partner. Beastwear is a very credible manufacturer looking after numerous International teams and offered us a very dynamic, flexible partnership that will grow as our needs grow. They have also assisted us to design an amazing uniform".

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