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Is this the world's most extreme boat?

Is this the world's most extreme boat?

by Aden Nawaz

September 12, 2018

Beastwear is proud to announce the latest sponsorship deal as the official merchandise partner for the Spirit of Australia II World Unlimited Water Speed Record challenge team!

What's that you might be asking? Only the FASTEST BOAT on water known to mankind... And it's seriously fast... Like, how didn't the boat take to the air and fly around fast. 

Proof (you need to watch this video!)

A Little History

Dave Warby is out to beat his father, legendary Australian Ken Warby’s long-standing world record. As a result of his original endeavour, Ken was given an MBE and was inducted into the Sporting Hall of Fame at the same time as Don Bradman.

For 40 years Dave Warby has had to listen to his Dad go on about how he broke Donald Campbell’s Outright Unlimited World Speed Record in 1977… and set a new one in ' has beaten his Dad’s record (317MPH or 511KPH) for that matter either, and Dave reckons that 40 years is enough!

He’s got the boat and team to do it as well - SPIRIT2. She's a second generation hydroplane based on the original Spirit of Australia, and she's powered by a Bristol Sidley Orpheus Jet Engine… Lighter, and more powerful than the original jet engine that powered Ken into the history books.

Kind of like designing 'a better wheel' (THOUGH THAT DID TAKE THE TEAM 5 YEARS AND A LOT OF MONEY) and it’s taken getting a lot of Ken’s old crew out of mothballs as well.

Racing boats have been in Dave's DNA since he was a kid, but he's no big millionaire funding a bunch of scientists to design a boat for him (he works with disabled people and the NDIS) Ken Warby is currently the only man in history to design, build and drive a boat to an Outright, Unlimited World Water Speed Record, he is also the only man alive to ever hold this record. Dave at least has a shed to build his boat, Ken’s was built in his backyard in Sydney. (check out the history video here) So they put their heads together and decided it was a challenge they could crack together, so the SPIRIT2 was born.

Spirt of Australia II Speed Boat Beastwear


This record is no small thing to go after, its damn dangerous and requires a big set of balls and a great team of people to make it happen (that's why it's been unbroken after 40 years despite some very serious attempts by people with a lot of money behind them). Thing is, it is hard to find big companies with the guts to back this sort of challenge (Thanks for having the faith Gary Johnston [founder of JCAR and RTM] and our awesome benefactor John Haggin without whose help we would not have got this far!). 

Safety has come a long way since Ken drove Spirit of Australia in 1977 & 1978 to World Records, in fact Ken didn’t even have seat belts, We believe the safest thing you can have is the right boat design, the deep experience of knowing what works & what doesn’t on water and you must understand what you are driving. It is not as throwing money at an engineering team to build one for you. Spirit of Australia II does feature the latest in safety equipment, featuring a reinforced cockpit, 6 point harness, HANS Device, the latest Lifeline onboard air system, GPS tracking system, two-way radio system, 3 stage on-board fire extinguisher system.  Spirit of Australia II also has an onboard flotation system. The trials currently underway are designed to gradually and safely build up boat speed and fine tune the boat until the entire team is confident to attempt the record.

Watch the first test runs for 2017 below!


As you can imagine it's no cheap ride for the team as they make their attempt to beat this record, so as part of our push to help them achieve this towards, we are now ramping up our merchandising efforts through helping to design, promote and produce the merchandise for the team in order to raise some much-needed funds to get that boat up to 550KPH and help Dave and his team smash that world record!

If you want to get a sneak peek at the boat and the amazing team, the next 3 events for us are in 14th July for a continuation of our Trials on the Manning River at Taree NSW followed by the Sydney Boat Show in August where the Boat will be on display as a major exhibit with numerous media events planned. This will be followed by high-speed trials on Blowering Dam near Tumut NSW later in August.

If you'd like to learn more about Dave and his teams' efforts to break the water speed record, please find some links below to their facebook page, website and their interview with the Today Show:



Today Show: 

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