Confederação Brasileira de Rugby League

Increasing the prevalence of rugby league merchandise in one of the world’s most populated countries will be a key aim of a partnership between Confederação Brasileira de Rugby League and Beastwear sporting apparel.

A three-year agreement with Confederação Brasileira de Rugby League will see Beastwear supply both the women’s and men’s national teams of Brasil, which has a population of 210 million (fifth largest in the world).

Confederação Brasileira de Rugby League has already created history by qualifying for the 2021 Women’s Rugby League World Cup, where each game will be broadcasted live on BBC.

It has similar hopes for its men’s program in the future, and has set a goal of having the most registered rugby league players of any nation in the Americas, across all forms of the game.

“Beastwear already produces the official uniforms for many Latin American rugby league teams, and with Brasil now on board, we want to take that to the next level,” 

“It is in the interests of both parties to increase the number of supporters, players and officials throughout the sport in Brasil.

“We are excited by how Brasil’s presence in the 2021 Women’s Rugby League World Cup will transform opportunities for growth in the sport, and how merchandising can complement that.

Confederação Brasileira de Rugby League manager Robert Burgin said early personal experiences as a backpacker in Brasil had convinced him of the opportunities of the partnership.

“I take a rugby league ball with me whenever I travel, and in my first few trips to Brasil, a lot of children were trying to pass it like American (NFL) footballers, because that is what they have been exposed to,” Mr Burgin said.

“But the profile of both rugby codes has grown significantly in the past decade, there is wider recognition and interest, and the opportunity for league-specific apparel is evident.

“Aside from assisting athletes, who sometimes find it hard to access durable, well-fitting and affordable uniforms, I believe there’s also a huge chance for rugby league to grab the attention of Brasileiro sports fans.

“Brasileiros are colourful, passionate supporters of their teams and love dynamic, exciting sports.

“Having seen how popular Premier League and NBA merchandise around the world, I dream of rugby league jerseys being worn widely in all corners of the globe.”

Beastwear’s first event in conjunction with Confederação Brasileira de Rugby League will be at the GYG Latino Nines in western Sydney on September 7.

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