5 Mistakes You Should Avoid with Your Activewear

Do you prefer activewear over other normal clothes?


If your laundry is 90% gym clothing, it’s a good sign you love your activewear.


Even if you’ve only got a handful of items that make up your activewear or sports wardrobe, you need to know how to care for them.


You need to take proper care of your gym clothing to help it last longer, and to protect your own health and wellbeing.


So, if you’re looking to take care of the clothes you love, here are 5 mistakes to avoid with your activewear.


Mistake #1 - Lounging around in Activewear after a workout


There is no doubt that activewear is comfortable.


In fact, some people tend to lounge around in this comfortable clothing even after their workout is over.


It's a big mistake though if you get comfortable on the sofa or go out with your friends in your activewear without changing first.


It is important to wash your activewear as quickly as possible after a sweaty workout to protect the quality of your gym clothes and keep them fresh.


This will help get rid of the oils and bacteria that stick to the clothing fibers during the workout. It will also help in preventing the development of that lingering smell typically associated with gym clothing.


Finally, it will help keep your sensitive skin safe as there is no fear of developing body acne and sweat rash.


The high-tech sports fabrics commonly used today are super sweat-wicking - which means these absorb sweat quickly. This might give you false comfort to stay in your activewear as you don't feel the sweat, but you should always get in the habit of getting out of your gym gear after a good workout.


You might not feel too sweaty after a workout, but it’s important to listen to your body. For the kinesiology professionals at Shen Ko Vitality, this comes from staying in tune with the changes in your body and skin. They explain “being in touch with your body means that you’ll be able to sense any imbalances such as rashes your body is experiencing from wearing activewear and address them before they become worse. This sometimes means noticing things you normally don’t about your body and comfort.”


However, you shouldn't forget how sweaty you were and therefore, it is recommended to shower and change as quickly as possible in order to get rid of the bacteria left behind in your activewear.


Mistake #2 - Excessive Use of Laundry Detergent


It might seem intuitive that you will get cleaner clothes with more laundry detergent, but this is a mistake you should never make with your activewear.


If you end up using excessive laundry detergent, you will find some residue in your activewear which can tap smells that will make your gym workout clothes sweaty and stinky even after washing.


One rule of thumb to check whether you are using excessive laundry detergent is to check the machine after it's finished.


If you find small suds in the machine, it means you need to use less detergent.


Don't forget that laundry detergent has harsh chemicals and too many of these harsh chemicals can damage your activewear. Therefore, use appropriate quantity of laundry detergent while washing your activewear.

Mistake #3 - Using Tumble Dryer for Your Sportswear


You should never tumble dry your sportswear.


Highly technical fabrics are used for making your sportswear and these fabrics have multi-way stretching and sweat wicking properties.


Therefore, you need to take special care of your sportswear in order to make sure that these fibers are not damaged. When you use tumble dry for sportswear, it might lose shape which might reduce the quality of your sportswear.


Lycra, Spandex and other such materials will be broken and left brittle by the tumble dryer due to excessive heat and these materials might also shrink.


In contrast, custom cooktek fabric comes with a range of features and benefits including:


Climate Regulated (CR)

✓  Moisture Management Systems (MMS)

✓  Breathable (BF)

✓  Durable (DR)

✓  UPF30+ (UV)


Ideal for men and women, all innovative Cooltek items are designed to be worn anywhere your fitness goals take you.


Mistake #4 - Buying from Retailers Not Specialising in Gym Clothing


Fashion retailers are increasingly getting in leisurewear and activewear, and they have started offering these at very low prices.


The unbelievably competitive prices offered by these retailers seem too good to be true, but they are.


However, this is due to the fact that fashion retailers that do not specialise in gym clothing pay more attention to appearance than performance as their target audience isn't serious athletes.


While this type of clothing is fine for most, it's also important to keep in mind that the sportswear from these retailers is not likely to perform as well as the sportswear sold by a specialist retailer who have spent a lot of time and money in developing and perfecting their sportswear.


According to the osteotherapy experts at Flex Osteotherapy, opting for a custom fit can actually prevent injuries too. They explain, “specialist retailers make use of premium materials with advanced technology in order to enhance sporting performance and keep you as comfortable as possible. All while making efforts to improve the longevity of your sportswear's quality. This will help with injury prevention.”


For fitness wear, it is always recommended to opt for specialist technology, advanced garment quality and luxury materials.


Mistake #5 - Choosing Activewear without Considering the Activity


You wouldn't want to have a pair of running leggings if you are a big fan of yoga.


Good quality sportswear and activewear is meticulously designed with a particular activity or sport in mind in order to make sure that the wearer makes the most of their activewear.


For instance, the demands of a cyclist or a CrossFitter are completely different from the demands of a runner.


Yoga leggings are softer and seamless to allow you to bend and stretch as much as you want.


On the other hand, running leggings have a reflective detailing to keep the wearer safe in low light along with adjustable waist to keep the leggings from falling down along with breathable mesh panels in high movement areas.


According to the physiotherapy experts at Get A Healthy Life, “it is important to take your activity into account for which you would be wearing the activewear in order to make an informed decision. The appropriate clothing needs to be worn with the right range of motion in order to best assist your performance. So, opt for function over aesthetics and consider custom if you need to suit a particular niche activity.”


With all this knowledge, you will be able to choose activewear that suits your particular sport inside out.


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