5 Benefits of Wearing the Right Activewear

Regular exercises are essential for your mental health and overall wellbeing.

As you plan how you will work out, do you take the time to consider what you will wear?

Studies show that the clothes you wear can have a significant impact on your level of performance.

What you wear helps you get in the right mood and get ready for a gym session. But it also provides several other exciting health benefits.

If you’re ready to find the right activewear for you, and start seeing the benefits of wearing the right workout clothes, here’s everything you need to know about.


1.    Sweat-Wicking & Breathability

You should expect to sweat a lot when you hit the gym.

Since this is an inevitable outcome, you need to put on the recommended clothes. Wear fabrics that are breathable, like our custom Cooltek fabrics. Such garments will wick the sweat away and help you feel fresh and upbeat for more workout.

Besides your fabric having excellent absorption qualities, it also should not promote bacterial growth. If no bacteria thrive and the clothes have less sweat, then they will not become a smelly mess after your workout. 

And no one wants to get on with their day feeling like a mess!

Pro Tip: Cotton is often viewed as a breathable material, but it gets heavy when soaked in sweat and will be uncomfortable to wear when exercising.

Instead, browse our range of  Beastwear Fitness gear to see what your next workout could look like.


2.    Durability Of Clothes

Getting quality, durable workout apparel should not cost you an arm and a leg.

 However, you may feel content if you are the kind of person that loves spoiling yourself with a few lavish things so that expensive pair of leggings make help you feel better and excited about exercising.

But keep in mind that it should be made from durable, quality fabric that can take the beat of working out regularly.

According to Clarinda Cheon, Sydney Web Design expert, choose a fabric that meets your taste and style, while also looking into the comfort it provides. She says “I prefer to go to Yoga before work, and if I don’t feel good after my workout it impacts my day. If you wear comfy, fitting, and stylish clothes, you are bound to feel confident when hitting the gym or your aerobics class. You will then be able to focus on your workout as opposed to getting disgruntled by the discomfort what you have on when exercising. From there you give yourself the best chance of having a great day.”

Looking for quality active wear at affordable prices? Check out our clearance range for unbeatable deals.


3.    Protection From The Environment

What you wear should protect you from the environment.

If you are planning to go for a walk, jog, run, or cycling outside during the summer, then remember the sun will be hot, and temperatures may be high. You, therefore, you should wear loose clothes made from breathable fabrics. Such garments will help prevent your body from getting overheated. Moreover, you should consider wearing clothes with bright colours that reflect the sun’s rays.

If you intend to be out exercising during the winter months, then you will need a layer of clothes that will protect you from the cold. And since you are wearing layers of fabric, pick outfits that provide ventilation so that your body can regulate the temperature. Feel free to shed off a few clothes if you start getting too hot.

But remember that you will be sweating underneath; therefore, you need a breathable shirt that will absorb the sweat.

Pick garments with the right mid-layer. If you want clothes that offer excellent warmth and breathability, then consider our custom range.

With the ability to blend multiple fabrics we can create custom, bespoke items of clothing unique to each client. More than a unique look, custom Cooltek fabrics is:

  • Climate Regulated (CR)
  • Moisture Management Systems (MMS)
  • Breathable (BF)
  • Durable (DR)
  • UPF30+ (UV)
  • Antibacterial (AB)

4.    Comfort

If you pick the right exercise apparel, then you will feel comfortable in them when working out. You do not want to wear a pair of shoes that do not fit.  

Pick the wrong pair of shoes, and your feet may develop painful blisters. Wearing the wrong bra that is too tight or too loose, and you will definitely be feeling it as the day wears on; moreover, you may get overly irritated when wearing the wrong pair of shorts that rubs against your thighs.

According to chiropractor Keith Maitland, choosing the right shoes can help reduce the chance of injury. He explains, “Wearing proper shoes for the activity you have in mind should always be a priority Consider replacing your shoes if you notice signs of damage. When you are not receiving adequate support the change in weight distribution can help speed up injuries that may otherwise have been entirely preventable.”  


5.    Improved Range Of Motion 

Would you think of going for a run or jogging in a pair of skinny jeans?

 Such trousers are not breathable; therefore, they become a discomfort to wear when exercising. Moreover, then provide a restricted range of motion, thus frustrating your efforts. Why would you opt to put on something that holds you back when you are keen on going all out during your workout sessions?

The best choice of apparel is the kind that is flexible and breathable. This will allow your body to move freely, and you will not feel anything restricting your range of motion.  

This is super important according to the sports massage experts at Peak performance Massage who explain “while a limited range of motion may not seem like much of an issue at first, not fully extending your body as it needs to be extended can increase your risk of injury. When working out is important to complete moves fully, and active wear that allows for this movement is key.”

Ultimately, you should always pick quality clothes can fit you like a glove.

Author Bio:

Phil Kelly is an Australian freelance writer, living in Sydney. As a humanities student, he is passionate about justice, the environment and innovation. When Phil isn’t at his desk, you’ll find him heading for the nearest mountains for a walk.